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Walnut Single

600 X 400 X 850(H)

7,800,000 won

디자인은 심플하되 극도로 절제된 수공예적 디테일이 디자인 포인트입니니다. 몸체는 주먹장(Dovetail), 서랍은 반턱주먹장(Half Blind Dovetail), 다리는 삼방연귀(3-way Miter Wood Joint)로 체결하였습니다. 수공예 가구의 가치를 아는 분께 만족스러운 감상 포인트가 될 것입니다.

The design is simple, but extremely restrained handicraft details are the design point. The body is a Dovetail, the drawer is a Half Blind Dovetail, and the legs are a 3-way Miter Wood Joint. It will be a satisfying appreciation point for those who know the value of handicraft furniture.

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