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Floating Top Collection

식물 그림자
플로팅탑 세트_3.jpg

This is a series of

table, bench and chairs

in the shape of

supporting the top plate

in the air.

If you go under the furniture, you can see the interesting structure connections made for this spatial emptiness.

플로팅탑 테이블_디테일_1.jpg
플로팅탑 테이블_디테일_2.jpg

Furniture is made by

the designer himself. 

Therefore, how to solve the limitations of

shrinkage & swelling of wood

can be sublimated into

design details.

플로팅탑 세트_4.jpg

The Floating Top Collection is 

simple and straight shape,

but we wanted to reveal

the essence of handicraft

by adding wood joint details

to the structural connections.

플로팅탑 세트_5.jpg

Sliding dovetails and

mortise & tenon joint

can be found on

various parts of furniture.

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